Our Whitehaven Beach Tour guests gasp in awe when they emerge from the short bushwalk up to Hill Inlet Lookout and first set eyes on breathtaking White Silica Sand Beach.

We are so lucky to call this piece of paradise part of our home and absolutely love showing it off to our guests. It’s a must-see destination that’s included in all of our trips and tours, as there’s nothing else quite like it in the world. In fact, according to Trip Advisor, Whitehaven ranks as the 5th best beach in the world, as well as the number 1 best beach in Australia—and now, Experience Oz is looking to nominate 7 Wonders Of Australia, and Whitehaven Beach is one of 50+ nominees (competing with places such as Cape Le Grand National Park, Frazer Island, The 12 Apostles, and The Horizontal Falls.)

So what’s all the fuss over a Whitehaven Beach Tour?

Imagine stepping foot on sand as soft as flour—that’s what it feels like to sink your toes into the feather soft, 97% silicon sand that is among the purest in the world. Not only is the sand an incredible feature, but it actually reflects the sun’s rays so it’s never too hot to walk on. (AKA, it’s an actual paradise for beach lovers.)

Cross the sands and dip your toes into gorgeous, cool waters which are so crystal clear you’ll see tons of fish, as well as occasional baby sharks and stingrays. The hues of the pristine waters are simply beautiful, and photos don’t do it justice compared to seeing it in person. The whole experience is so relaxing and makes for the perfect getaway—envision spending 2 – 3 hours on a beautiful beach with gentle, lapping waves, and views of stunning, swirling sands. It’s a piece of preserved beauty we’re very proud of.

Whitehaven Beach is a part of Whitsunday Island, which is protected by the Whitsunday Islands National Park—so not only is it home to a wide range of native wildlife including birds, wallabies, and reptiles, but it serves as a valuable part of the ecosystem and houses 12 species of mangroves. This makes it a very important part of nature and the Whitsunday Islands. You may be lucky enough to spot an animal or two on your trek up to Hill Inlet Lookout—where you can gaze down at Whitehaven Beach and all the surrounding seas and sands.


The lookout is truly an unmissable experience, as Whitehaven Beach is so unique in shape and colour that it will change every single time you visit it—the waters are sometimes more green than blue, and the shape and length of the seven-kilometre beach varies with the tides. This makes each visit completely unique and every experience at Whitehaven different than the last.

We always get such great feedback from guests who have taken our Whitehaven Beach Tours. One of our past guests, Luke, said, “One of the best day trips I’ve done anywhere in Australia. Mick and Cam were awesome. Just made the day. Snorkeling on the reef and with the huge fish in crystal clear water was phenomenal and Whitehaven Beach is one of the most beautiful places in the world.”

Sara also said, “The snorkelling on the first day and the trip to Whitehaven were just out of this world it really is so beautiful and made even better by the staff Ash and Billy who were really friendly, and informative with everything we asked or history etc.”

Whitehaven Beach is such a worthy, stunning location with so many amazing qualities—not only as a spectacular piece of beauty with incredible sands and sights, but as a critical part of the ecosystem and home to so many species of wildlife. It’s such a treasure to show to our tour guests and we would love to share its beauty with the rest of the world too.

You can view all of the nominees and vote for Whitehaven Beach as one of your favourites by visiting: https://7wonders.experienceoz.com.au/destination/whitehaven-beach/

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