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Airlie Beach Cruise

a person riding a surf board on a body of water

Not knowing what to take on a trip can be stressful—especially when it’s a once-in-a-lifetime kind of adventure like an Airlie Beach Cruise where you don’t want to miss a single thing! Nothing’s worse than forgetting your swimmers or, God forbid, your camera when out exploring all the islands.

This post will help ensure you have everything you need to fully enjoy yourself and have a blast!


What To Bring To Your Airlie Beach Cruise


1) Sunscreen, Sunglasses And Hat

Don’t underestimate the Australian sun—it’s hot, and it will burn you. Coming back from an amazing week out on the islands with sunburn is the least pleasant way to end your holiday, so make sure you slap on some sunscreen and wear a hat. Some sunnies are also a good idea to protect your eyes from the glare of the sun hitting the ocean when out sightseeing.


2) A Wind Jacket

The Whitsundays might have a hotter climate than you’re used to, but those winds can still get cold when you’re travelling on the boat (especially in winter time—and especially after an hour or so of snorkelling).

You probably won’t need anything too heavy—just a simple jacket will protect you from wind damage, sun, and the occasional chill, so that you can enjoy your day out on the water to the absolute fullest.


3) A Towel

I mean, we’re not saying the sun won’t dry you, but it’s always nice to have a towel when you get out of the ocean water and into the chill of the air. You’ll likely be doing a lot of snorkelling, swimming, sunbathing, and maybe even some more swimming yet on your Airlie Beach cruise, so bring a good towel to avoid a chilly ride back to shore.


4) Practical Footwear

Not only will you be on a boat, but you will also be walking on bushwalking trails, so practical footwear is important to ensure you keep any cuts and injuries from occurring. Also, high heels are not suitable, ladies—but flats, thongs and sneakers are all fine!


5) A Camera

You’ll definitely want to bring a camera to snap pictures of all the beautiful and memorable moments during your trip! There are so many friendly animals and marine life to capture on camera, as well as gorgeous sights and plenty of selfie opportunities!

Ideally, a waterproof camera is best, but a phone camera works well too. Just be mindful not to drop it.


6) Finally, A Sense Of Adventure

Arguably the most important item on this list—a sense of adventure is sure to help you have an amazing time! The islands are an incredible experience, and there are so many exciting activities waiting for you! Don’t be afraid to try something new and remember to have fun!


If you’re ready to book an Airlie Beach cruise, head to:

Airlie Beach Cruise With Red Cat Adventures