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The Red Cat Team

The History of Red Cat Adventures

In 2004 Asher Telford, a local skipper on Tongarra and Julie Telford, a backpacker from the UK, met in Airlie Beach. In April 2011, they became the proud owners of the mighty Tongarra Sailing vessel and began their amazing journey into the Tourism Industry. In 2015 Red Cat Adventures brand was launched when they built a custom-made vessel called Thundercat.

Red Cat Adventures has continued to grow and develop and now happily boasts four custom-made catamarans, the original 12m sailing vessel Tongarra, and employs a family of 62 staff members.

Red Cat Adventures prides itself on choosing the right staff for each product. The company is now led by a great team of managers and an incredible boat crew. The business’s success is due to long-term employees, hard work and dedication to the environment and tourism Industry.

In Feb 2024, Red Cat Adventures was acquired by SeaLink Marine and Tourism and became part of the Brilliant Travels family.

Asher and Julie are incredibly proud of their Australian National Award-winning Australian. They are passionate advocates for the tourism industry and continue reside in Airlie Beach with their three sons, Kai, Brody and Tyde.

a person smiling for the camera

Julie Telford

AKA: Jules

From: Hull, UK

Hobbies: Being a mummy, running & drinking fine red wine.

Asher Telford

AKA: Ash

From: Kangaroo Island, Australia

Hobbies: Breeding Red Cats

Kerstin Altmann

AKA: Any name that sounds like Kerstin (as nobody can pronounce it!)

From: Bavaria, Germany

Hobbies: Digging 4WDs out of the mud

Rebecca Crane
Office Manager

AKA: Bec

From: Perth, Western Australia

Hobbies: Drinking champagne!

Melissa Bolton
Reservation Manager

AKA: Mel

Likes: Hiking, snorkelling and walking her doggy.

Dan Gabbert
Sales and Marketing Manager

AKA: Dan

Hobbies: Camping, Golf and being on the water

Kelvin Ho
Sales and Marketing Executive

AKA: Kel, Keith, Kevin, Calvin, Kelvinator

From: Hong Kong

Hobbies: Travel and spend time with the ocean

Luke Swift
Events Coordinator

AKA: Swifty

From: England

Hobbies: Football, Soccer, and fishing

Reece Fearnside

AKA: Reecy

From: Brisbane

Hobbies: Spear fishing, exploring adventures and free diving for treasure

Ian Dreadlox
Deckhand & Tour Guide

AKA: Ian

From: Brisbane, QLD

Hobbies: I love the great outdoors, if I’m not on the water I’m in the air skydiving, bit of land, air and sea is what I live for!

a person wearing sunglasses sitting on a beach

Emily Monacella
Environmental Specialist | Master Reef Guide | Savannah Guide


From: Warrnambool, VIC

Hobbies: Diving, research, plants & patting dogs

Michaela Veltri

Marine Biologist / Deckhand

AKA: Micca Micca

Likes: Yoga, diving and protecting the environment

Kory Bluck

AKA: Korca

From: Airlie Beach

Hobbies: DJ, Skateboarding, Adventuring

a person sitting on a boat

Ella Gowlett 
Deckhand / Social Media Guru


From: Brisbane

Hobbies: Camping, fishing, photography .

a person standing in front of a boat next to a body of water

Cassie Ryan

AKA: Glovebox

From: Sydney, Australia

Hobbies: Freediving, Festivals Travel

Languages: English

a person standing posing for the camera

Donna Punch
Bus Driver / Savannah Guide

AKA: Dons

Hobbies: golf, BBQ’s twin, shopping with champagne

Languages: Australian

a person sitting next to a body of water

Jamie Otene

AKA:  Jay

From: Country Vic

Hobbies: Camping, footy, Painting

Languages: English & Maori (little bit)


a man sitting on a bench

Payton Hamilton
Master Deckhand

AKA: Peyto

From: South Africa

Hobbies: Fishing, Boating, Talking nonsense

Languages: English/Afrikaans


a man wearing a hat

Mark Ratchford
Skipper Med III

AKA: Marky Mark 

Hobbies: Fishing, Boating, hanging out with family and friends

Languages: Australian


a man standing next to a body of water

Petar Kustic




Languages: English



a person standing posing for the camera

Riley Hughes

AKA: Riley

From: Nothern Beaches, Sydney

Hobbies: Golf, Beers, Bernie

Languages: English (just) / Strayan’


a person standing in front of a body of water


Rosie Bullen


From: Cornwall, UK

Hobbies: Diving, Running, Cooking

Languages: English


a person standing in front of a body of water

Sam Bloor

AKA: Sam the Man

From: Mackay

Hobbies: Spearfishing, flishing, photography

Languages: English


a person standing in front of a body of water

Shannon Burke

AKA: Shan

From: North Qld

Hobbies: Boating, Doofing, Chillin

Languages: English & Spanish


a person standing in front of a body of water

Tate Butler


From: Whitsundays

Hobbies: Football, Cars, Fitness

Languages: English


a person standing next to a body of water

Will Pitt

AKA: Wills


Hobbies: Fishing, Playing Guitar, jamming with mates