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Are The Whitsundays Dangerous?

Thankfully, The Whitsundays is a very safe place to visit.

Being that The Whitsundays is part of Australia, it means that we follow all of the workplace health and safety laws, national legislation and more.  From a tourist perspective, that means you will be looked after by qualified crew.

Unlike in Thailand and Bali, where safety seems to be the last priority, here in The Whitsundays, safety is our number one priority. This is especially true with Red Cat Adventures as we pride ourselves on our overqualified and extremely experienced crew. Thundercat statistically is the safest day boat tour operating in The Whitsundays.

Sharks and Jellyfish

Many horror stories have been on the news over the years about shark attacks and jellyfish stings in The Whitsundays and we are not disputing that it has happened.  But how likely are you to have a run-in with one of these creatures?

Are The Whitsundays Dangerous?

As you can see, sharks are right at the bottom of this list and jellyfish don’t even appear on it.  This graph doesn’t even take into account the deaths by traffic accidents, aeroplane crashes, heart disease, stroke or cancer.

Statistically, you are more likely to be killed by a vending machine or a coconut than a shark or jellyfish.

So yes, The Whitsundays are considered to be safe.

Is It Safe To Swim In The Whitsundays?

Absolutely it is safe to swim in The Whitsundays. All respectable tour operators will provide you with stinger suits for added protection against jellyfish stings even though without them, it would be extremely rare.

We provide stinger suits to all of our customers not just for jellyfish protection, but also sun protection and buoyancy while snorkelling.