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Tongarra: Monni Travels Blog

a small boat in a body of water

Review from Monni Travels!

On the 4th of December we set sail on a red boat called Tongarra. But wanderers, this was no ordinary boat. This boat transforms into a floating, mystical, magical, tent-castle that sails through the paradise of the Whitsundays. Intrigued? Let me tell you more..

Tongarra, in my travel agency experience, has long been regarded ‘the best value for money’ boat for backpackers in the Whitsundays.

I was told of great snorkel spots, sleeping under the stars and epic party games at night. That I was finally able to experience it, and moreover document it (ridiculously awesome promo video to come!) was a treat.

Earlier this week on the 4th of December myself and Mars (my legend videographer) boarded the boat with 22 other excited wanderers.

Tongarra is beauty of catamaran that slices through the Whit waters with ease. It has capacity at 26 including crew and cruises a nice 2days 2nights around its paradise islands.

Defining Factors of Whitsundays Boats:

  • Duration
  • Sleeping arrangements
  • Crew
  • Atmosphere
  • Snorkel Spots
  • Food


There are the select few activities on your Aussie agenda that require a few more days attention. The Whitsundays is one of them. Journeying for 2days 2nights means not just a prolonged, relaxing holiday in paradise, but a connection to the land and the people you have shared the experience with. 2days, 2nights is the perfect amount of time to form these golden relationships which Tongarra nurtures.

Sleeping Arrangements:

One of the coolest transformations I have seen happened on Tongarra as day turned into night. It literally became a massive floating tent castle (even has a penthouse option! – highly recommended ;)) complete with ocean sounds and breeze.

The well designed roof top rolls out over the entire surface of the catamaran shielding from wind and rain and creates a very unique space. Mattresses are laid out side by side and made comfortable with added pillows and blankets for each wanderer to make snuggly. Cuddle puddles are a given, and, highly recommended