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Red Cat Adventures is the charter boat company to remember for award-winning Whitsunday adventures. Every day is a journey filled with memorable moments when you engage our family-operated business. You can share the beauty of the environment with your loved ones in safety and comfort. Our team’s commitment is bringing you quality service and extraordinary adventures on all our Whitsunday islands tours, every day of the year.

What Sets Red Cat Adventures Apart Regarding an Adventure in Whitsunday?

For the past 10 years, our family has been creating nothing but magical moments for guests.

  • A common concern that our clients have when they book our Whitsunday islands day trips is the fear of becoming seasick. This concern is particularly relevant if they have not spent much time on a boat—it might even be their first time on the water. We know that seasickness can take all the fun out of your day. That is why our vessel features a unique design that can reduce seasickness, making your journey more enjoyable by far and giving you the freedom to let go of your concerns.
  • Excellent customer service is a priority for our entire team. This commitment is how we ensure that your journey delivers on all your expectations. We engage the most knowledgeable guides in the area to give you all the information and guidance that you need on your trip. Our trips also include snacks and refreshments to make your day even more enjoyable.
  • Our service is completely insured. Feel confident that you are in capable hands during your entire experience.

When you opt for any of our Whitsunday day trips, we want you to have nothing but a pleasant experience, enjoying magnificent scenery both above and below the surface. Our staff members take the time to cater to your needs. This exceptional level of care is why our team has twice received recognition from the Australian Tourism Board.

What You Can Expect from Red Cat Adventures Regarding Your Tour to Whitsundays

The 74 islands of the Whitsundays are part of the magnificent Great Barrier Reef, a tourism hotspot and home to jaw-dropping marine life. We maintain the highest level of eco-certification in the industry and guide you to making the most of your trip while being kind to the nature that surrounds us.

  • When you book a day trip to Whitsundays, the price that you’ll pay is all-inclusive, reflecting all the amenities that you’ll be able to enjoy. It also includes snorkelling equipment to give you access to the vibrant marine life flourishing just below the surface.
  • Maybe you are comfortable in the water and keen on some adventure. If so, you can always opt for freediving to make the most of your trip as you explore one of the world’s most treasured marine gems.
  • We also have a range of tours to other destinations and offer overnight trips if you want to extend your time in this magnificent landscape.

About Red Cat Adventures

What started as a love story in 2004 grew into a very successful business and an award-winning adventure in 2011. That year, we bought the Tongarra sailing vessel and introduced our unique approach to the tourism industry. In 2015, we had the privilege of building a custom vessel with unique design features to give our guests a far smoother trip. We named the vessel the Thundercat. Today, the Thundercat is still a preferred choice for shooting films of the surroundings as the boat offers an exceptionally stable trip, ideal for capturing footage. The Thundercat is only one of the many successes that we have recorded over the years.

We commit to employing the perfect people for the job, and we are always moving forward, adding new features to our packages or new packages to our portfolio. For our team, showing guests the beauty of this landscape is more than a job—it is a chance to live their passion.

We want to invite you to explore the majestic beauty of the Whitsundays. Let our team share our passion with you. Book your spot on our next trip and join the adventure.