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Cheap Flights To Airlie Beach

an island in the middle of a body of water

We’re heading into April (mid-Autumn season)—which is the perfect time to book flights to Airlie Beach! With the weather getting cooler, the temperatures are just lovely up north at this time of year, and it’s very refreshing for those used to the colder weather down south (without it being overwhelmingly hot).

Here are some current flight deals from April 8th – April 12th. Why not book yourself a mini getaway and indulge in a week of paradise?


Fly Return From Brisbane For Just $146

This short trip is just under two hours both ways and ensures you’ll get plenty of time to explore the Whitsundays! Fly direct from Brisbane and arrive in the early evening—just in time for a relaxing dinner at one of Airlie’s nicest restaurants!

To book this flight, head here:


Fly Return From Sydney For Just $222

Escape the hustle and bustle of Sydney and arrive midday in a gorgeous, idyllic paradise. Spend the afternoon relaxing, exploring, and book an adventure or two throughout your stay before heading home completely refreshed and rejuvenated!

To book this flight, head here:


Cheap Flights To Airlie Beach


Fly Return From Melbourne For Just $345

When it comes to finding flights to Airlie Beach, it’s hard to find an affordable, direct flight from Melbourne without an extended stopover—which makes this deal a real catch! Escape the icy chill down south and bask in the glorious tropical temperatures, enjoy the beaches and sail around the stunning Whitsunday Islands!

To book this flight, head here:


Fly Return From Adelaide For Just $540

Queensland has some of the best holiday destinations and beaches—and Airlie Beach is not one to be missed! Trade the rolling hills and wineries of South Australia for a week of palm trees, sparkling blue waters, speedy charter boats and oceanfront restaurants.

To book this flight, head here:


Fly Return From Hobart For Just $517

While Hobart is incredibly charming, there’s nothing quite like a paradise escape—and this is the perfect time of year to visit the tropics when you hail from such a cold climate. Imagine snorkelling in the refreshing waters fringing the Great Barrier Reef and visiting famous Whitehaven Beach!

To book this flight, head here:


Don’t miss out of these flights to Airlie Beach—book now and experience the Whitsundays for yourself.