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First Whale Sighting of the Season Marks SeaLink Whitsundays Osprey’s Maiden Voyage

Whales tail visible out of the ocean

SeaLink Whitsundays’ newest vessel to their fleet, the Osprey, had an unforgettable maiden voyage as guests and crew were treated to the first whale sighting of the Whitsundays season. The spotting of a mother whale and her calf in North Mackerel Bay on the north side of Hook Island has set an exciting tone for the upcoming tour season.

Asher Telford, General Manager of SeaLink Whitsundays had a special surprise during a filming expedition when he spotted the whales.

Mr Telford said, “Witnessing these magnificent creatures up close on Osprey’s maiden voyage was truly special and really showcases the unique and awe-inspiring experiences our guests can look forward to on our tours. It’s moments like these that remind us of the true magic of living in the Whitsundays.”

Mr Telford explained that there is friendly competition amongst the local operators to be the first to spot these majestic animals for each season. “It is brilliant to be the first to spot the whales on their annual migration for the third season in a row and on Osprey’s first voyage in the region made it extra special.”

Olivia Brodhurst, President of Whales of the Whitsundays, stated, “We are proud that the Whitsundays is globally recognised as a Whale Heritage Site. This recent sighting marks the second earliest whale appearance since Eye on the Reef began recording in 2007. The Whitsundays serves as a crucial nursery for humpback whales, inspiring us all to continue our efforts in environmental preservation.”

Whale diving down into the ocean humpback showing

Photo Credit: Phill Gordon RipTide Creative

Red Cat Adventures, part of the SeaLink Whitsundays family following its acquisition in February this year, is a Bronze Sponsor of Whales of the Whitsundays, a project that has placed the Whitsundays proudly on the map as an accredited Whale Heritage Area – the first within the Great Barrier Reef, and in a World Heritage Area.

Rick Hamilton, CEO of Tourism Whitsundays, said, “The whales have delighted us with an early arrival this year. If you’re looking to escape the winter chill down south, there’s no better place to be than the Whitsundays. These are our favourite months, and what a fantastic way to kick off the season.”

SeaLink Whitsundays, Red Cat Adventures and Whitsundays Jetski Tours all proudly boast Ecotourism Australia’s Advanced ECO Certification, highlighting a dedication to sustainable practices and authentic nature-based tourism experiences. This eco certification reflects an ongoing commitment to responsible tourism and the preservation of the pristine beauty of the Whitsundays for generations to come.

a whale riding a wave in the ocean

Photo Credit: Phill Gordon RipTide Creative

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