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Whitehaven Beach – 15 Reasons Why You Need To Visit In 2021

whitehaven beach 1

Discover fifteen reasons why our guests love visiting Whitehaven Beach, and why you should choose Red Cat Adventures for your Whitehaven Beach Tours from Airlie Beach.


1) The Sand Is The Softest You’ll Ever Feel In The World

If you’re wondering why this is, it’s because the sand is actually 97% pure silica sand! This not only results in it being incredibly soft to sink your toes into, but it reflects the heat of the Australian sun (making it lovely and cool to walk on even in the middle of summer).

When you travel with Red Cat Adventures, our knowledgeable and passionate tour guides can tell you a lot more about the beach, as well as Whitsunday Island (where Whitehaven Beach is situated) and all the surroundings—all while you’re marvelling at the feeling of those incredible white sands in person!

Whitehaven Beach is a highly protected national park and it is actually illegal to remove any sand, coral, shells, rocks or sticks.


2) A More Photogenic Beach Does Not Exist

There’s certainly competition out there, but there is nothing like Whitehaven Beach.

If you love nature photography, you’re about to have a field day snapping up the swirling sand formations from Hill Inlet Lookout, the clear, green-blue waters and the lush, bushland surroundings.

If your photography level stops at “selfie”, we promise those will come out amazing as well!whitehaven beach 2


 3) It’s A Dreamy Place To Get Married!

Yes—people actually do get married at this dreamy, undisrupted piece of paradise!

You may just be visiting on your holiday, but if you fall in love with the beach, you can always come back and tie the knot here. In fact, we have a package for that situated over at Paradise Cove Resort!

If you’re wondering what’s so special about Paradise Cove Resort, you should check out Paradise Cove Resort.


4) The Native Wildlife Are Super Adorable

If you love wildlife, you’re in for a treat! Because Whitehaven Beach is part of a protected national park and it has some of the clearest ocean waters you’ll ever see, it’s very likely you’ll get to spot both marine life and native island life.

Keep your eyes peeled for stingrays and baby sharks when you’re walking alongside the sparkling shores, as well as a large variety of birds and reptiles on the bushwalks up to Hill Inlet Lookout.  Don’t worry though, none of the animals are going to hurt you unless you hurt them first.


5)  Clean Your Jewellery On Whitehaven Beach

Pure silica sand is the most eco-friendly way to clean your gold or silver.  You can simply grab a small amount of wet sand in your hand, place the jewellery on top, then use two hands to aggressively rub it around.  This will polish the piece and restore it to as new condition.

We are firm believers in eco-friendly materials and methods so this sure beats all of those nasty chemical jewellery cleaners you buy in the shops.

whitehaven beach 3

6) Brush Your Teeth With The Sand

This one is a little controversial but here goes anyway.  For decades people have been using a small amount of sand on their finger to brush their teeth with, they say that it removes stains and helps to make your pearly whites…. pearly white.   We are not sure how dentists would feel about this one though.


7)  Boost Your Instagram

It’s no surprise that Whitehaven Beach features quite heavily on Instagram but just how much you ask.  Well as of February 2021 there was just over 199 000 posts for the hashtag #whitehavenbeach and over 750 000 posts for the tag #whitsundays.  Numbers don’t lie, Instagram loves Whitehaven Beach as much as us.


8) Make New Friends

Local Whitsunday tours guides have a pretty unique perspective on life and we certainly don’t like wearing a watch.  Red Cat Adventures hand picks the best of the best to ensure that you receive the best possible service on your tour.  A pre-requisite for working with us is not just knowing the area but being a super fun, helpful and nice person too.

You will also meet like-minded travellers on your trip to Whitehaven.  Thousands of life long friendships have been formed on our boats and even some marriages!

whitehaven beach 4

9) Photography Trickery

You can take some pretty amazing photos on Whitehaven Beach on any given day but, with a little bit of imagination, you can use the spanning white sand to create some cool optical illusions.

whitehaven beach 6

10) Play Football

While we agree that it’s a very random place for a game of football, it’s actually pretty common.  The reason for this is quite simply because the majority of tourists that visit Whitehaven are European.  The amateur Whitehaven Beach FIFA World Cup is almost a weekly event and anyone can play.

11) Tan Like A Goddess

Because the sun shines here more often than not, it’s a pretty safe bet that you can lather on the sunscreen and lay around in the shallows tanning.  Full disclosure, please don’t do this without sunscreen.  Most people will burn quite badly after an hour on Whitehaven without any sun protection.

whitehaven beach 7


12) Immerse Yourself In Aboriginal Culture

The Aboriginal people of Australia are the oldest culture on our planet and their stories have been passed down through the centuries.  Qld Parks and Wildlife has done a wonderful thing to acknowledge Australia’s traditional landowners by placing plaques describing some of their ancient stories along the Whitehaven Beach walking trails and lookouts.

whitehaven beach 5


13) Go Back In Time

It’s quite surreal when you are out there to think that The Whitsundays was once grassland and the islands you can see from your boat were nothing more than mountain tops.  This all changed thousands of years ago when the polar ice caps melted.


14) People Watching

Let’s be honest, we all enjoy this.  Whitehaven Beach has some of the best people-watching on the planet because we get people from all over the world and all walks of life.


15) It’s A Memorable, Once-In-A-Lifetime Opportunity

This final reason is one we can’t stress enough—this famous beach truly is an incredible sight to experience and if you have the chance to visit it, you don’t want to miss out! You’ll create some incredible memories to cherish and you’ll have the most beautiful travel photos to show your friends and loved ones.

Still, searching for Whitehaven Beach tours from Airlie Beach?

Check out our Thundercat day cruise for a fast and jam-packed day out on the Whitsunday Islands (Whitehaven Beach included)

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