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Whitsundays Multi Day Cruise

Why wouldn’t you spend more time in the Whitsundays if you could?

Sure, a day trip is fun, and it gives you the opportunity to see and do other things. But let’s face it—the most exciting part of the Whitsundays are the islands, the reef and the beaches. Not only do you get to see all of that on our 3-day Whitsunday cruises, but you get to spend more time experiencing each one!

Still on the fence? Here are three reasons why you should pick a 3-day cruise over a day trip:


Reasons Why 3-Day Whitsunday Cruises Are Better Than Day Trips


1) There’s More Time To Explore The Whitsunday Islands

Did you know there are 74 Whitsunday Islands?

That’s a lot of land to explore, and we guarantee you can’t see and visit it all in just one day. But if you were onboard a sailing vessel, cruising around constantly, enjoying the scenic views of lush islands while you sunbathe on the deck… well, that’s a different story!

The Whitsundays is the kind of place you won’t want to leave once you visit it. It’s a piece of natural paradise and it’s entirely unique to any other location on the planet. Why limit your time seeing this gorgeous place when you can really soak it all in?

2) The Boat Becomes A Second Home

A hotel room will never feel like a home—it’s too clean, luxurious and tailored for that! Plus, you seem to be leaving as soon as you’ve checked in when you’re travelling around.

But a sailing vessel (such as Tongarra) will feel like a home away from home—the freshly cooked BBQ meals, the spacious, leisurely saloon big enough to fit all of your new friends, and the comfortable cabins are all little comforts that you might be missing on your travels.

It’s impossible not to make tight knit friendships and really settle into your surroundings when out on the water—and such is to be expected with all 3-day Whitsunday cruises!

Whitsundays Overnight Cruise With Tongarra

3) You’ll Make Lifelong Friendships

On a day trip, you might chat with the lovely lady beside you, share a few laughs, but most likely forget their name once you’ve stepped off the boat and are heading to your next location.

But on a 3-day cruise, it’s going to get real awkward real quickly if you don’t remember people’s names at a minimum. You’ll likely form a bunch of friendships over the span of time that you’ll spend with your shipmates, which makes exploring the beaches and snorkeling that much more fun! Trying new, exciting (and every scary) things with friends is always better than doing them alone.


So, have we convinced you on why 3-day Whitsunday cruises are better than day trips? If so, you can book your 3-day cruise adventure here: