There’s so much variety when it comes to Whitehaven Beach tours from Airlie Beach, but at Red Cat Adventures, we’ve covered all our bases. We have a tour for those seeking an exciting day trip, a tour for adventurous backpackers, and a tour for those who want to experience the Whitsunday Islands in comfort and style.

Here are all of our tours which go to Whitehaven Beach—and what you can expect from each one:


Whitehaven Beach Tours From Airlie Beach


1) Thundercat

Perfect for those who want to see Whitehaven Beach but are pressed for time—this exciting day trip takes you to all around the Whitsunday Islands!

You’ll depart from Abell Point Marina bright and early at 9am and travel straight to Whitehaven Beach. Spend your morning sinking your feet into the glorious soft sands, taking in the crystal-clear waters and snapping selfies at one of the most beautiful lookout locations—Hill Inlet Lookout.

After a buffet lunch, you’ll head off to two incredible snorkelling locations fringing on the Great Barrier Reef—the perfect way to spend the afternoon—before arriving back at Airlie Beach by 5pm.

Thundercat is a multi-award-winning catamaran custom built for Whitsunday conditions. This means it’s been designed for stability and speed, ensuring you get to experience more of the Whitsundays in just one day. Plus, it alleviates seasickness—so it’s perfect for families, groups and solo-travellers.


Whitehaven Beach Tours From Whitehaven Beach


2) Tongarra

This tour is one of the coolest Whitehaven Beach tours from Airlie Beach—this 2-day, 2-night adventure is perfect for young backpackers seeking a social sailing experience. You’ll set off from Abell Point Marina in the afternoon and enjoy the sunset as you sail out to the Whitsunday Islands.

After sleeping under the stars, you’ll wake up next to world-famous Whitehaven Beach! Head on over to take in the swirling, sparkling waters, the pure white sands, and enjoy a guided bushwalk up to Hill Inlet Lookout. Then, spend your afternoon snorkelling on the fringing Great Barrier Reef alongside our friendly marine life and see the stunning coral formations!

This is an unmissable experience for any backpacker, and Tongarra has the perfect blend of social and adventure, ensuring your time out on the Whitsunday Islands is truly unforgettable.


3) Ride To Paradise

For a truly incredible experience, you don’t want to miss out on experience Ride To Paradise. This amazing tour is a 2-day, 2-night resort stay package at exclusive Paradise Cove Resort—a hideaway haven. It pairs experiencing the Whitsunday Islands over a number of days with a comfortable and luxurious resort accommodation complete with gorgeous villas and premium meals.

Paradise Cove Resort is entirely yours when you arrive—you will have full use of all the amenities and activities available. Kick back in a hammock surrounded by natural beauty, or enjoy a swim in the Balinese inspired pool. Head over to the tennis courts, or take a walk along the private beach and enjoy the tropical oceanfront gardens.

Then, ride on a custom-build vessel over to Whitehaven Beach to witness the amazing, soft sands for yourself, take a dip in the perfect, crystal clear waters, and look out at the gorgeous swirling sands. You’ll also get to experience snorkelling at the most pristine locations fringing on the Great Barrier Reef.


Summary Of Whitehaven Beach Tours


Whitehaven Beach is an incredible location, and there are so many Whitehaven Beach tours from Airlie Beach that it can be hard to know which option is perfect for you. But we pride ourselves on creating a unique experience for each of our guests, so if you’d like to learn more or even book a tour with us, head here: