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Wildcat Mackay

a body of water next to the ocean

To see our Wildcat Mackay Website with live bookings please click here

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By Christmas 2021, Mackay locals will have another reason to welcome Australian tourists to their section of the Great Barrier Reef, with the launch of a brand-new tour by the multi-national award-winning company Red Cat Adventures.

Company Directors Asher and Julie Telford said they were beyond excited to be expanding their innovative, world-class brand into Mackay. They encourage locals to visit the new website – live from today – and book a tour on Wildcat.

“Our brand new ‘Wildcat‘ catamaran is going to provide locals and tourists with a ‘Pure Escape’ experience out to some of the unique, pristine islands off the Mackay coast in the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park,” Julie Telford said.

“Guests will get to discover untouched beaches at a variety of locations to suit the winds and tides of the day; snorkel at coral-encrusted reefs and swim with diverse marine life – all while fully catered and crewed on our newly built custom-designed catamaran.”

Built with the assistance of the Palaszczuk Government’s ‘Growing Tourism Infrastructure’ grant fund, Wildcat is a one-of-a-kind vessel blending technology and practicality.
“Local knowledge has been integral to our design process and in creating a suite of unique itineraries, perfectly suited to Mackay’s tides, winds and topographical features,” Asher Telford said.

“Departing the Mackay Marina each morning, no two days aboard Wildcat will be identical, as we shape each tour to make the very most of what this spectacular region has to offer that particular day. “Destinations like Cockermouth, Brampton, Keswick, St Bees, and Scawfell islands, as well as some secret, hitherto unexplored spots, are all within comfortable reach of Mackay’s new fast cat, available for day tours, private functions, corporate hire, edu-tourism and eco-initiatives.

“We’re incredibly grateful to all the Mackay locals who have helped shape this new product with their invaluable feedback and insights into the offshore Mackay region we’re so proud to be made accessible again.”

Member for Mackay Julieanne Gilbert said Wildcat would make Mackay the perfect destination this Christmas, supporting local jobs and the Palaszczuk Government’s Economic Recovery Plan for the region. “Wildcat’s arrival in Mackay will deliver fast access to our offshore islands and reefs for visitors and locals alike.

“With the ability to take up to 40 passengers at a time, Wildcat will be a fierce competitor offering all-daytours. “There are predictions of up 5,600 passengers and almost $2 million per year for our visitor economy, making Wildcat a game changer for Mackay.”
Currently under construction by Lumark at Gold Coast City Marina, ‘Wildcat’ was recently inspected by Tourism Minister Stirling Hinchliffe.

“Wildcat is a very impressive 17-metre catamaran and is poised to pounce as a great new tourism experience for the Mackay region,” Mr Hinchliffe said.
“The Palaszczuk Government has invested $950,000 from our Growing Tourism Infrastructure initiative to get Wildcat on the water to help Mackay tourism recover and rebuild better for the future.”

Mackay Isaac Tourism Chief Executive Officer, Tas Webber, said ‘Wildcat’ would be a great asset in showcasing the diversity of natural tourism experiences the Mackay Region had to offer.
“Wildcat will help us highlight the incredible islands, beaches and snorkeling we have in the region,” Mr Webber said.

“With the help of the State Government’s ‘Growing Tourism Infrastructure’ grant, the Mackay Region can once again present its pristine islands to the world, resulting in more visitation.
“Locals in Mackay have been requesting better access to the islands, so we’re delighted to secure this amazing product, and we encourage as many locals and visitors to the region to go online and prebook their tours from today.”

The all-inclusive day tour packages start from $149 per child, $179 per adult and family packages for $599 (two adults and two children). For more information or to book tours, visit and follow the ‘Wildcat Mackay’ Facebook and Instagram accounts.